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Senior Industry Officer (P-4)

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The OPCW’s Verification Division works towards achieving chemical disarmament and preventing the re-emergence of chemical weapons through participation in the planning and oversight of inspections at both military and chemical industry facilities. The division also manages declarations while maintaining and strengthening the scientific capabilities of the Organisation, especially its laboratory component. The division also conducts Technical Assistance Visits at the request of States Parties.


The Division is responsible for the day-to-day operation of OPCW’s verification regime. It is a key element of the Secretariat, using trustworthy and science-based information to implement all aspects of the Convention including decisions from the Policy Making Organs.


General Information

  • Contract Type
    Fixed-term Professional
  • Grade
  • Total Salary (including post adjustment)
    USD 101,452
  • Closing Date


Job Summary

The mission of the OPCW is to have world free of chemical weapons and to use chemistry for peace, progress, and prosperity. Would you like to be one of professional team members, who works toward world free of chemical weapons? Then you should apply for the vacating post of Senior Industry Officer.


OPCW is looking for 2 dedicated professionals with a background in chemical engineering, experience in multiple types of chemical operations and chemical technologies, capable to process safety activities as well as employ experience working in a toxic environment.  


What is more, the incumbent of this post will be responsible to go through the entire stages of assigned inspections by: evaluating the declared information, providing supervision and assessment, monitoring the on-site progress, guiding and advising the production of Final Inspection Reports (FIRs) by the Inspection Teams (ITs) within the provisions of the OPCW Confidentiality Regime and the timelines of the Convention.


The individual will need strong communication skills, analytical and conceptual skills. To be able to work under strict confidentiality regime. The ideal candidate can flourish within a multi-cultural environment, should show integrity, and demonstrate professional competences.


We currently have two vacant posts for Senior Industry Officer.

Main Responsibilities

Senior Industry Officer will have the following duties:

  • Executes short-term planning of allocated inspections under Article VI (Activities not Prohibited) of the Convention, supervises their execution and facilitates the production of Final Inspection Reports (FIRs) by the Inspection Teams (ITs) within the provisions of the OPCW Confidentiality Regime and the timelines of the Convention;
  • Maintenances other Verification Branches by developing, supporting and implementing a consistent verification regime at chemical weapons production facilities (CWPF) and at chemical weapons destruction facilities (CWDF) in support to CDB when needed;
  • Supports Management of the Branch, the Division and the Secretariat by making recommendations and advising on chemistry, policy, technical issues;
  • Liaise with Policy Making Organs on advising and assisting, discussing issues, attending consultations on issues relating and drafting documents on these issues;
  • Represents the Secretariat in contacts with outside organizations by maintaining contact, attending meetings, conferences, seminars, developing training materials.


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Qualifications and Experience


The educational qualifications required for this position:

An advanced university degree in the fields of chemical engineering and/or organic chemistry, or a closely related field, from an accredited college or university. Qualifications in both chemical engineering and organic chemistry would be an asset. A relevant first level university degree in combination with qualifying experience (minimum nine years) may be accepted in lieu of the advanced university degree. Equivalent or specialized training in combination with at least thirteen years of relevant professional experience may be accepted in lieu of a university degree.

Knowledge and Experience

A minimum of 7 years relevant experience (preferably hands-on, practical in-plant experience) with operations in the chemical industry with advanced degree, 9 years relevant experience with first level degree, 13 years relevant experience with equivalent or specialized training.

The experience should preferably involve:

  • Industrial chemistry support for product development or chemical production; or
  • Conduct of plant operations; or
  • Chemical process design/development/optimisation; or
  • Process safety activities, including quantitative risk assessment, hazard and operability studies, auditing, etc.; or
  • R&D chemical development or R&D chemical process design in agrochemicals or pharmaceuticals; or
  • Plant design or scale-up.


Experience in multiple types of chemical operations.

Experience with multiple chemical technologies.

Expertise in the use of MS Office packages (databases, spreadsheet, and word processing).

Experience working in a toxic environment while wearing personal protective equipment (PPE).

Skills and Competencies

  • Excellent communication skills (verbal and written) including the ability to prepare reports;
  • Strong analytical and conceptual skills;
  • Tact, discretion, and the ability to work harmoniously in a multi-cultural environment;
  • Demonstrable ability to work with the confines of a strict confidentiality regime.


Fluency in English is essential and a good working knowledge of one of the other official languages (Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian, and Spanish) is desirable.

Additional Information

The Director-General retains the discretion to not make any appointment to this vacancy, to make an appointment at a lower grade, or to make an appointment with a modified job description. Several vacancies may be filled.

Only applications submitted before the closing date and through OPCW CandidateSpace will be considered. Only applicants under serious consideration for a post will be contacted.

Applications from qualified female candidates are strongly encouraged.

OPCW General Terms and Conditions


Important notice for applicants who are currently insured under the Dutch Social Security system

Although headquartered in the Netherlands, the OPCW is not a regular Dutch employer but a public international organisation with its own special status. Please be advised that if you are currently insured under the Dutch Social Security system, you will be excluded from this system as a staff member of the OPCW. You will consequently be insured under the organisation’s system. The above also applies to your dependents unless they are employed by a regular Dutch employer, they are self-employed in the Netherlands, or are receiving Dutch social security payments.

Please refer to the website of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment for more information about the possible consequences for you and your dependents, such as exclusion from ‘AWBZ’ and ‘Zorgverzekeringswet’ coverage: ‘Werken bij een internationale organisatie’.